# Weather Stations

Meteostat provides an open list of weather stations including inventory data.

# Endpoints

A JSON file containing all weather stations available at Meteostat, including inventory information and meta data, can be downloaded from this URL:


A lite version of this dump file, containing only weather stations which did report data to Meteostat at any point in the past, is available here:


# Properties

Both the lite and the regular dump are equally structured. Each object represents a weather station and has the following properties:

  • id: Meteostat ID (String)
  • name: Name in different languages (Object)
  • country: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, e.g. CA for Canada (String)
  • region: ISO 3166-2 state or region code, e.g. TX for Texas (String)
  • identifiers: Identifiers (Object)
    • national: National ID (String)
    • wmo: WMO ID (String)
    • icao: ICAO ID (String)
    • iata: IATA ID (String)
  • location: Geographic location (Object)
    • latitude: Latitude (Float)
    • longitude: Longitude (Float)
    • elevation: Elevation in meters (Integer)
  • timezone: Time zone (String)
  • history: Previous locations, identifiers or names (Array)
  • inventory: Available data by frequency (Object)
    • hourly: Hourly inventory data (Object)
      • start: First day (YYYY-MM-DD) of hourly data (String)
      • end: Last day (YYYY-MM-DD) of hourly data (String)
    • daily: Daily inventory data (Object)
      • start: First day (YYYY-MM-DD) of daily data (String)
      • end: Last day (YYYY-MM-DD) of daily data (String)
    • monthly: Monthly inventory data (Object)
      • start: First year (YYYY) of monthly data (String)
      • end: Last year (YYYY) of monthly data (String)
    • normals: Climate normals inventory data (Object)
      • start: First year (YYYY) of climate normals data (String)
      • end: Last year (YYYY) of climate normals data (String)

# Contributing

The directory of weather stations is maintained by Meteostat and voluntary contributors on GitHub (opens new window). If you want to add a new weather station, update some information or correct an error, please either correct/update the affected file(s) & create a pull request or fill an issue & describe your concern.

Last Updated: 6/23/2021, 12:30:43 PM