# Hourly Data

This endpoint provides one GZ compressed CSV file per weather station. The provided data is being aggregated from historical databases, METAR reports and SYNOP data.

# Endpoints

Full data dumps, including model data as substitute, are available here:


If you only want real observation data, please use the following endpoint instead:


Please replace {station} with the ID of a weather station.

Weather stations are identified using their Meteostat ID, which equals the WMO ID for weather stations which are part of the WMO index.

# Structure

CSV files provided through the Meteostat bulk data interface use commas as separators. Each file provides the following columns:

Order Parameter Description Type
1 date The date string (format: YYYY-MM-DD) String
2 hour The hour (UTC) Integer
3 temp The air temperature in °C Float
4 dwpt The dew point in °C Float
5 rhum The relative humidity in percent (%) Integer
6 prcp The one hour precipitation total in mm Float
7 snow The snow depth in mm Integer
8 wdir The wind direction in degrees (°) Integer
9 wspd The average wind speed in km/h Float
10 wpgt The peak wind gust in km/h Float
11 pres The sea-level air pressure in hPa Float
12 tsun The one hour sunshine total in minutes (m) Integer
13 coco The weather condition code Integer

More information on the data formats and weather condition codes is available here.