# Formats & Units

Meteostat uses the metric system. Both the JSON API and the Bulk Data interface use the formats and units listed below.

# Time Format

Date and time statements follow the ISO 8601 standard (e.g. 2016-12-31 for December 31st 2016 and 23:59:58 for 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 58 seconds). The time zone used by Meteostat is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

# Time Ranges

Many JSON API endpoints require the specification of a time range using the start and end parameters. For these parameters please always provide dates in this format: YYYY-MM-DD.

# Meteorological Parameters

The Meteostat API uses abbreviations to describe meteorological parameters:

Code Meaning
TEMP Air Temperature
TAVG Average Temperature
TMIN Minimum Temperature
TMAX Maximum Temperature
DWPT Dew Point
PRCP Total Precipitation
WDIR Wind (From) Direction
WSPD Average Wind Speed
WPGT Wind Peak Gust
RHUM Relative Humidity
PRES Sea-Level Air Pressure
SNOW Snow Depth
TSUN Total Sunshine Duration
COCO Weather Condition Code

# Meteorological Data Units

Parameter(s) Unit
Temperature °C
Precipitation mm
Sunshine Duration Minutes
Air Pressure hPa
Wind Speed, Peak Wind Gust km/h
Wind Direction Degrees
Visibility, Cloud Height m
Relative Humidity %

# Weather Condition Codes

Hourly weather data may include information on the observed weather condition. Please note that the weather condition is not a key parameter for Meteostat. METAR reports, issued by weather stations located at airports, only report significant weather events. Also, some weather stations do not provide weather condition data at all.

Weather conditions are indicated by an integer value between 1 and 27 according to this list:

Code Weather Condition
1 Clear
2 Fair
3 Cloudy
4 Overcast
5 Fog
6 Freezing Fog
7 Light Rain
8 Rain
9 Heavy Rain
10 Freezing Rain
11 Heavy Freezing Rain
12 Sleet
13 Heavy Sleet
14 Light Snowfall
15 Snowfall
16 Heavy Snowfall
17 Rain Shower
18 Heavy Rain Shower
19 Sleet Shower
20 Heavy Sleet Shower
21 Snow Shower
22 Heavy Snow Shower
23 Lightning
24 Hail
25 Thunderstorm
26 Heavy Thunderstorm
27 Storm
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