# Monthly Data

This endpoint provides one GZ compressed CSV file per weather station.

# Endpoints

Full data dumps, including model data as substitute, are available here:


If you only want real observation data, please use the following endpoint instead:


Please replace {station} with the ID of a weather station.

Weather stations are identified using their Meteostat ID, which equals the WMO ID for weather stations which are part of the WMO index.

# Structure

CSV files provided through the Meteostat bulk data interface use commas as separators. Each file provides the following columns:

Order Parameter Description Type
1 year The year (format: YYYY) Integer
2 month The month (format: MM) Integer
3 tavg The average air temperature in °C Float
4 tmin The average daily minimum air temperature in °C Float
5 tmax The average daily maximum air temperature in °C Float
6 prcp The monthly precipitation total in mm Float
7 snow The maximum snow depth in mm Integer
8 wdir The average wind direction in degrees (°) Integer
9 wspd The average wind speed in km/h Float
10 wpgt The peak wind gust in km/h Float
11 pres The average sea-level air pressure in hPa Float
12 tsun The monthly sunshine total in minutes (m) Integer

More information about the data format is available here.