# meteostat.Normals

Query climate normals for one or multiple weather stations or a single geographical point.

# Parameters

The loc parameter is required. You can pass one (String) or multiple Meteostat weather station identifiers (Tuple or List), a meteostat.Point or a DataFrame returned by the meteostat.Stations.fetch method.

By default, Meteostat returns data for all available reference periods. If you want to retrieve climate normals for a specific period, please specify a start and end year.

Parameter Description Type Default
loc Weather station(s) or Point DataFrame, Point, String, List or Tuple undefined
start The first year of the period Integer None
end The last year of the period Integer None

# Attributes

Attributes allow the configuration of general settings and behaviour.

Parameter Description Type Default
cache_dir The path of the cache directory String ~/.meteostat/cache
cache_subdir The subdirectory of the cache String Normals
autoclean Remove outdated files automatically from cache Boolean True
max_age Maximum age of a cached file in seconds Integer 86400
processes Maximum number of processes used for data processing Integer 1
threads Maximum number of threads used for data processing Integer 1

You can disable caching completely by setting max_age to 0.

When changing attributes, make sure to do so before creating a class instance:


from meteostat import Normals

Normals.cache_dir = '/my/path/goes/here'

data = Normals('10637')

# Methods

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