# meteostat.Stations.fetch

After you have specified a query through the Stations class you can now access the result using the fetch() method.

# Parameters

The method takes an optional limit argument. If no limit is specified, Meteostat will return all weather stations which meet the criteria. The weather stations are returned as a Pandas DataFrame.

If you want to select a random subset of weather stations, just pass sample=True combined with any limit to the fetch() method. Sampling is useful for performing analysis of larger areas on a sample set of weather stations which represent the whole area.

Parameter Description Type Default
limit The maximum number of weather stations which should be returned Integer None
sample Randomize the order of weather stations Boolean False

# Returns

Pandas DataFrame

# Example

Fetch a sampled subset of weather stations in the US.


from meteostat import Stations

stations = Stations()
stations = stations.region('US')
stations = stations.fetch(10, sample=True)