# meteostat.TimeSeries.clear_cache

This method cleans up the local cache by removing files which are older than self.max_age. The method is automatically called when initializing a new instance of a TimeSeries-based class.

Important: This method does only affect files cached in the context of the class it is called on. For example, Daily.clear_cache() will only remove stale files from the Daily cache.

# Parameters

If you want to overwrite the default maximum age, just pass any number of seconds using the max_age parameter.

Parameter Description Type Default
max_age Maximum age of a file in seconds Integer meteostat.Base.max_age

# Returns


# Examples

# Hourly

Remove stale files from the local Hourly cache.


from meteostat import Hourly


# Daily

Remove stale files from the local Daily cache.


from meteostat import Daily


# Monthly

Remove stale files from the local Monthly cache.


from meteostat import Monthly

Last Updated: 2/18/2022, 12:29:58 PM