Getting Started

Weather and climate data collected by Meteostat is available through two different interfaces for public access. The JSON API is a robust endpoint for querying data with a rich set of filters. Statistics provided by the JSON API are always up-to-date and the data is hosted on Meteostat servers.

However, there might be use cases that require larger amounts of data. Therefore, Meteostat provides a simple bulk data interface that lets you download full data dumps by weather station. This interface gives developers and data scientists access to the full archive of weather statistics and climate data made available by Meteostat.

Whenever possible, please make use of the bulk data dumps. Bulk data is regularly updated, provides a stable interface and has little impact on the performance of our internal infrastructure. Bulk data is available for free and does not require users to sign up.

Accessing Data

The download of full data dumps is dead simple and doesn’t even require an API key:

curl "" --output "10637.csv.gz"

Querying weather data through Meteostat’s JSON API is also pretty straight forward:

curl --header "x-api-key: {key}" ""

Please replace {key} with your personal API key.

JSON API: First Steps

In order to query data you will need to sign up for the Meteostat Developers Network and obtain an API key. You must send your API Key along with every request. Each request will be logged. Free access to the Meteostat API is limited to 2,000 requests per day and no more than two requests per second. Once this limit is reached, all of your requests will result in HTTP 429, too many requests, until your quota is cleared.

The Meteostat API is a free service that powers the Meteostat web application and multiple third-party projects. We cannot guarantee for the availability of this service. Users of the Meteostat API must follow the terms of service and copyright guidelines. By using the Meteostat API you agree to these terms.

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