# Contributing

Meteostat is an open initiative which does not operate on a primarily commercial basis. We believe that weather and climate data should be freely available to everyone. Therefore, Meteostat operates multiple interfaces which provide free access to meteorological data. Operating, maintaining and growing the project is only possible with the help of people like you.

This section contains information about how to contribute to Meteostat. It also defines general principles and concepts which serve as a foundation for the project and its architecture.

If you want to support Meteostat on its mission of making weather and climate data available to everyone, you have multiple options to choose from:

# Open Source

Meteostat's goal is to publish the majority of its coding under the MIT license on GitHub (opens new window). Feel free to open an issue if you run into a bug or create a pull request for new features and fixes.

# Weather Stations

Meteostat provides an open directory of weather stations everyone can edit, share and build upon. The list of weather stations is available on GitHub (opens new window).

If you want to add a missing station, please create a new file in the stations folder according to the template described here (opens new window). If possible, please to also add the weather station to the CSV files in this directory (opens new window). Adding the corresponding identifier to the CSV files will make sure all available data is collected properly.

# Data Routines

All automated routines, for both import & export of data, are available here (opens new window). By adding new data sources, you can help Meteostat improve its data coverage.

# Python Library

Please refer to this page.

# Documentation

Last but not least, this documentation is an open source project (opens new window), too. Keeping our docs up-to-date is crucial. If you are contributing to parts of our ecosystem, please make sure to add corresponding documentation. Also, if anything appears to be unclear or misleading in one of our articles, feel free to propose changes.

The Meteostat team will review all pull requests. Once a PR has been approved and merged into the master branch, Meteostat will automatically deploy changes into the productive environment.

# Donations

You can also support Meteostat by donating to the project. Furthermore, we are open to all sorts of partnerships and cooperations. If that sounds interesting to you, please get in touch.

If you want to support the project financially, you can make a donation using one of the following services:

If you prefer bank transfer, you can make a donation to this account:

  • Recipient: Christian Lamprecht
  • IBAN: DE76 1001 1001 2621 1459 29

Meteostat also supports donations via crypto currencies:

  • Bitcoin: bc1qg2alt82ry2ntkslw8ulr9528nmlj6ym6g2x0ms
  • Ethereum: 0x5f4Dde3da1aE75280eFA6a62050c1D5cb1D7f694

Thanks a lot for your Support!